Any time you are considering making a major purchase like a new mattress it helps to know the pros and cons of what you are looking to buy. The pros and cons can help you make the best decision for what you are looking for. The Sleep Master 8-inch pressure relief memory foam mattress could be the perfect mattress for your needs but you should still consider all of the pros and cons before making your purchase. The Sleep Master pressure relief memory foam mattress is made up of three different layers to give you the comfort and support needed. The first layer is a 2 inch 3 pound layer of memory foam, the second layer is a 2 inch layer of soft foam with a pressure relief system, and the third layer is a 4 inch high density foam base that gives you the support that you need. This pressure relief memory foam mattress also comes with a steel bed frame which eliminates the need for you to purchase a box spring as well. The mattress also comes with a limited 5 year warranty. The Sleep Master 8-inch pressure relief memory foam mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which means that it contains certified flexible polyurethane foam.
Sleep Master 8-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress
Being comfortable so that you can get a good night’s sleep is an important part of finding and purchasing the perfect mattress for your needs. The Sleep Master pressure relief memory foam mattress gives you the customized support and comfort needed for you to have a restful night of sleep. Like other foam mattresses the Sleep Master is firm to the touch but once you lay down it molds to your body filling in all the contours of your body, this allows for every contour to get the perfect amount of support needed. Some customers have found that it takes a while to get used to the mattress molding to your body if you have not previously slept on or owned a memory foam mattress. Consumers also have noted that since the mattress molds to your body rolling over can be hard until you get used to sleeping on a mattress that fits to your body. The top layer of the mattress is what gently molds to your body and the next 2 inches of foam are designed to eliminate pressure points and help you be free of aches and pains when you wake up. The last 4 inch layer is high-density foam that gives you support that helps you feel refreshed when you wake up. Many consumers that buy memory foam mattresses associated a smell similar to wet paint with their new mattresses; the smell usually fades after a few days. This Sleep Master memory foam mattress is infused with Evergreen and ActivCharcoal. The Evergreen naturally neutralizes odors and the ActivChocoal absorbs moisture which minimizes odor-causing agents. The mattress also comes with a removable polyester Jacquard cover and a fire barrier inner cover.

As previously mentioned many find that they have an adjustment period when they first use a memory foam mattress and they have to get used to the fact that it molds to your body. This molding affect can make it difficult for a person to roll over or sit up in the bed. Also a con of some memory foam mattresses is that when you sit on the edge of the mattress it sinks drastically because there is not as much support from the foam on the edges of the bed. Some users also find that memory foam mattresses are too firm and they find that they are far more firm than they originally thought they would be when the mattress was first purchased. However a pro to this is that if you are looking for a firm, supportive mattress than a memory foam mattress is a good place to start. Many consumers find that the mattress starts off overly firm but after a couple of months of use it does not seem to be as firm, this could be a pro or con. It is a pro if you buy the mattress and think it is too firm keep in mind that it will likely become less firm with time, if you like a firm mattress than this is probably a con as you do not want your mattress to soften up with time. Some consumers have found that if you sleep in the same spot on the mattress for an extended period of time that a small groove forms where you usually sleep this is because the foam is not properly reforming after you get up. If you start to sleep in a different area of the mattress it will likely right itself after a few days.

A con for some users is that it is different to sleep on a memory foam mattress with another person than it is on a traditional mattress. This is because a small dip is formed by both of your bodies and if you are sleeping close together than a large dip forms from both of your bodies and this can make it more difficult to move or roll over in your sleep. Again there is an adjustment period when you are going from a traditional mattress to a memory foam mattress and this is one of them. Another con is that some people did notice a smell with their new mattresses but that it disappeared after a few weeks although some found it lasted for almost a month. It should also be noted that the mattress is quite heavy and it often takes two people to move it and lift it onto the bed frame.

Buying a new bed can be a challenge and by looking at the pros and cons it can be a little less challenging and you can make a decision that you feel good about. The Sleep Master 8-inch pressure relief memory foam mattress has many pros and cons and it is helpful to review all of them before you make your final decision.

Sleep Master
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