Acoustic guitars are known for their rich sound quality compared to electric guitars. The sounds they produce are more captivating and more soulful than electric guitars. There are lots of acoustic guitar brands and the Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is one of them. This guitar is not only popular because of the brand but also because of what it can offer to musicians.

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Features
Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

  • Spruce-pattern HPL top with Sitka spruce bracing
  • C.F. Martin script logo on headstock
  • Stratabond modified low oval neck
  • 23 inch scale
  • Gotoh nickel-plated tuners
  • Micarta fretboard and bridge
  • Martin’s patented neck mortise
  • Quality gig bag
  • Weighs 14 pounds

Design and Sound Quality

The Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is a guitar created with design and sound quality in mind to cater to music lovers and musicians. Even though there are lots of acoustic guitar brands, there are several things that make this guitar different. In terms of design, its spruce-pattern HPL top with Sitka spruce bracing, its Stratabond modified low oval neck as well as its patented neck mortise are factors that make this guitar very attractive.

The design is not just something for the sake of beauty but also for quality. While some other guitars have poor and cheap looking appearance, this acoustic guitar is well-built and sturdy. Musicians are not only looking for a guitar designed well but they focus more on the sound quality which is what actually counts more. This guitar produces rich sound that is not expected to be produced by a small guitar.

When an acoustic guitar has features that combine good design and better sound quality, it is guaranteed good whether for travel or for practice.

Pros of Using the Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

  • This guitar has a better sound quality and volume, good tone and resonance despite its small size. It has a very warm, balanced tone even though it is obviously not as loud as a full-sized guitar or a real wood counterpart. Its great sound doesn’t favor highs over lows or vice-versa as it has a lower/deeper mellow tone. Unlike other small guitars, this does not sound like a tin can.
  • It holds tuning like a rock.
  • This guitar is mostly made of composite materials and this just means it isn’t as sensitive to temperature and humidity changes which also mean that it does not easily get damaged.
  • It comes with a laminated neck which is really heavy and gives you an unparalleled amount of sustain for a guitar this size.
  • It comes with a good quality padded gig bag that offers protection for the guitar when not in use and offers comfort especially when traveling with the guitar.
  • It is not a full-sized guitar so it’s not that heavy to carry around during travel as well as it is perfect to take away the stress and strain on the shoulders.
  • It is a very solid and well-built guitar.

Cons of Using the Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

  • One of the things that make this guitar disappointing is that one cannot expect the best quality sound that they can only get from a full-sized acoustic guitar. Even if this guitar is better compared to other small guitars, the sound quality is still nothing compared to a full-sized one.
  • Another drawback to this guitar is on its strings. Martin’s string setup is higher which is not really good for beginners. The factory strings and setup are hard on newbie fingers and switching the strings to Silk and Steel may still be required.

Overall, the Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar is already a very good option for such a small guitar especially if one is still trying to learn how to play the instruments. However, even if this guitar is an advantage to beginners, they could risk hurting their fingers while learning. And since this is a bit expensive, one might think twice before learning using this guitar first. For those who do not mind learning using this guitar and those who do not mind not getting the same sound quality of a full-sized guitar, this is already a guitar well worth the money.

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