There are always pros and cons to buying a new mattress and it can be stressful to find what you think will be the perfect fit for what you want. By reading other users’ reviews you can get a better idea of what that mattress has to offer. If you are considering a LUCID 12 inch plush triple-layer memory foam mattress by LinenSpa. It is a 12” memory foam mattress that comes with a 25 year warranty. The Lucid LinenSpa 12 inch Plush triple-layer memory foam mattress comes in California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, and Twin XL.
LUCID by LinenSpa 12 Plush Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress
The LUCID LinenSpa 12 inch memory foam mattress consists of three sections that support and mold to the sleepers’ body. The mattress is made of three sections a 2 inch memory foam comfort layer makes up the top portion of the LUCID mattress. The top 2 inch layer weighs 4 pounds and is what makes the mattress so comfortable.  The 2 inch support foam, that weighs 3 pounds, is for support but the 8 inch high density foam base is what gives it the extra support needed.  One of the first things to consider either as a pro or a con is that there is an adjustment period for individuals that are used to sleeping on a traditional mattress. Many individuals adjust to the mattress after a couple of weeks. The LUCID 12 inch memory foam mattress foam is antimicrobial. The antimicrobial foam mattresses are naturally resistant to allergens, molds, bacteria and dust, which makes these mattresses good for those that may have asthma or allergies. The LUCID 12 inch memory foam mattress also isolates movement between sleepers which means that when your partner moves you are not disturbed from your sleep.

The LUCID 12 inch Memory foam mattress has open cell technology. Open cell technology allows for the mattress to breath. This means that air can flow easily through the mattress, which in turn keeps the sleeper comfortable and cool. Open cell technology also keeps the mattress pliable so that the mattress returns to its original shape once you get up. Some may find that it is a little difficult to move while lying in the bed. Some have noted that rolling over can be difficult as the mattress has molded around your body. It can also be slightly hard to get out of the bed as it sinks quite a bit when you sit on the edge of the mattress. The open air technology allows for the mattress to retain its original form so that a body impression does not wear over time, as a traditional mattress does. The mattress also comes with a bamboo cover that helps to regulate the sleepers’ temperature. The bamboo cover can also be removed and washed. The LUCID 12 inch plush triple-layer memory Foam mattress does not contain latex of any kind.

The LUCID 12 inch LinenSpa mattress helps improve and lengthen the spine by correctly aligning it while you sleep. Many users agree that the mattress molded and fit their bodies and also helped to relieve headaches, joint pains, and stiff necks. Many consider the cover and the antimicrobial properties a big plus as they prevent odors and mold that allow for the mattress to be odorless and can prolong mattress life. Many also found that the firmness was exactly what they were looking for and offered the perfect amount of support. The 25 year warranty is also a high point for many that purchase the mattress; the warranty includes one mattress with a removable cover. Users have found that their back pain is often alleviated or at least lessened from sleeping on the LUCID 12 inch mattress. As the mattress molds to your body it helps stretch and realign your back which will help in lessening back pain. The mattress is constructed to correctly align the spin and supports the natural curve of the head, neck, and shoulders. Many find the mattress to be very comfortable but confirm that it takes a little getting used to before you can sleep comfortable on it. This is simply because the sleeper has to get used to the fact that the mattress forms to their body.

Many that purchased the LUCID LinenSpa 12 inch Memory foam mattress was that the mattress was uncomfortable due to that fact that it was too firm. In some cases the mattress was too molded and some found it difficult to roll over when sleeping because the mattress fit too well to their bodies. Others that are sleeping with a partner have found that if you are sleeping close to each other, rolling over became more difficult as the mattress has molded to both of your bodies. This is simply caused from the dip formed around both of your bodies.  The LUCID 12 inch mattress may be considered by some as being too firm but the mattress should become softer with time. The mattress may form a slight dip if you sleep in the same spot every night, this usually occurs after about 6 months of nightly use. If this occurs there is always the 25 year warranty and the company may be able to reimburse you or sent you a new mattress if you have purchased a faulty mattress.

Many that have purchased this mattress have noticed a smell that comes with the mattress as you unpack it. The smell dissipates after a couple of days and is similar to a wet paint smell. The mattress weighs a good amount which makes it difficult to move especially for one person, the mattress is also considered to be floppy so moving it can be difficult as it does not have the structure like traditional mattresses do.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons when purchasing a new mattress. By looking at other peoples’ reviews you may be able to get a better idea of what kind of product you are buying.

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