The LUCID® by LinenSpa 10″ Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress has entered the world of memory foam mattresses with a foam, sleeping foundation, which seems to be lulling users into a sound sleep.

This mattress comes in three layers, in order to provide maximum comfort. The base is made of 7.5” of a high density, polyeurathane foam. It provides sleepers with flexible support. The middle layer is made of 2.5” of plush, memory foam. Sleepers will benefit from its cushioned support and antimicrobial properties. The top layer is a bamboo, velour mattress cover. It is easily washed and is resistant to bed bugs. This system boasts a technology of open cells, which makes this mattress breatheable and able to remain cool. This technology also helps this memory foam mattress bounce back, once the sleepers leave the bed. It comes with a 25-year warranty, so night after night and day after day, this LUCID® mattress continues to provide sleeping support and comfort.

LUCID by LinenSpa 10 Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress

Memory foam has been shown to help improve sleep, by supporting the body. The spine is often known to experience realignment, after consistent sleeping on a quality memory foam mattress. In the beginning, there was only one manufacturer of memory foam sleep systems. Since then many others have offerings on the market, and they are certainly not created equally. Advancements in the technology have been made and critiques were taken into account. Now, there are more memory foam mattresses on the market than consumers could have possibly imagined. These hoped for providers of sound slumber are anything but inexpensive. One of the great things about this 10”, LUCID® memory foam mattress is that with just a little bit of online shopping, it can be purchased for less than some quality, spring filled mattresses.

Now, a bargain is not really a bargain if the mattress does not perform as needed. Fortunately, most of the reviews on the LUCID® by LinenSpa 10″ Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress, are extremely positive. It is a mattress on the firm side of the memory foam, mattress scale and if someone needs a softer sleeping foundation, then this is not the mattress for that sleeper. Another great thing is that the online retailer, with the best price on this mattress, has had great customer service with unsatisfied customers of this mattress. It is important to carefully understand a retailer’s return policy, before making any purchase. It can get pretty dicey, otherwise. This mattress arrives rolled up. Ah, that is one of the joys of memory foam. It is recommended that it air out for a day or two, before putting it to work. Some users have mentioned a strong, chemical-esq odor upon first unrolling the mattress.

Once it is good to go, almost everyone who has slept on this LUCID® memory foam mattress, has talked about peaceful sleep. Imagine being able to sleep, without all of that tossing and turning. Not being plagued by aches and pains while sleeping or after getting up, sounds like a dream come true. For many users of this particular memory foam mattress, that dream has become a reality. Sleeping well on a regular basis is a must for a healthy body, mind and spirit. The majority of those who have purchased this mattress have boasted sleeping better than they have in years. In some cases, this level of sleep has never before been experienced. Some users have compared this mattress to those from the makers of the orginal, memory foam, sleep systems. The LUCID® mattress has kept right up with the other, in those opinions. Not only that, it beat it in price and adjustability. It sounds like LUCID® by LinenSpa 10″ Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress, may be the right choice for affordable, firm, memory foam sleep seekers.

With the right online deal, this mattress is in the price point of most serious mattress shoppers. In fact, doing a double or triple take of the price, is a likely occurrence. Customers who bought this mattress for those who are in some form of chronic back pain, have been more than satisfied. Customers who have purchased this mattress to aid in the recovery process of some sort or another, have actually been able to sleep in comfort and peace. Customers who have no physical pain at all, but want a better night’s slumber, have been largely thrilled with the sleep they have had on this LUCID® memory foam mattress. Many consumers are turning to memory foam in the hopes of having a rejuvenating slumber, on a regular basis. It would seem that the majority of customers who have made the decision to purchase this mattress, have made a wise one.

One of the main ways that people decide to buy a product, such as the LUCID® by LinenSpa 10″ Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress, is through customer feedback, if there is no opportunity to try one out. That is why it is important for consumers to share their honest experiences with others. No one wants to buy the wrong product or miss out on a great deal. The online shopping experience, allows consumers to have a community. Not all companies sell quality goods. Consumers need to look out for each other and one of the best ways to do this is to provide feedback and reviews.

Fortunately, the consumer community for this mattress like to share, and the majority of the feedback has been four-star or higher. It would seem that if a person has been in search of a better night’s (or day’s) slumber, this LUCID® memory foam mattress may be exactly what they need. Of course, there is no way to truly know, until it is slept upon. If a consumer can find a way to test one out first, then by all means, do that. If it is the right fit, then look forward 25 years of quality sleep. Ah, that sounds good, does it not?

LUCID® by LinenSpa
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