Tired of the dirty surfaces you have been dealing with at home every day? Maybe it is about time to invest on a product that would help you get things done. Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner is one product that you can turn to in terms of your problems regarding surface dirt. It is lined with astonishing features which levels up your cleaning prowess.

Kenmore Intuition 31100
Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Aluminum wand makes it easy for the user to reach tight spaces
  • Filter less dust cup
  • Dual chamber bag system
  • LED headlight
  • Pet HandiMate attachment
  • Height can be adjusted in four positions
  • True HEPA filtration system
  • Onboard tools
  • Direct drive beltless agitator
  • Infrared dirt sensor

State of the Art Design Lined with Advanced Features

Today, there has been an out surge of products in the market. There are growing number of products innovated to fit the modern lifestyle of the people in this fast paced world. Vacuum cleaners are never exempted with the deal. In fact there has been also a wide array of choices available which also poses confusion on the part of the user. But you should not fret as Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner comes to be the answer that you have long been waited.

There are countless ways to describe the advanced features that this brand has come with. One of its best points is its power to clean through its true HEPA filtration system. Filters just gets a lot of work to do as it helps clear out dust particles suspended in air from the smallest microns of micro particles to crumbs and bits of food particles in the surface. The dual chamber bag system also works conveniently in making uninterrupted cleaning as it lets the device work without minding the bag being all full fast.

Cleaning is but easy with the dirt sensor that the device comes to be armed with. This sensor lets the user detect the places with dirt that may not be evident by the use of only the naked eye. To make it a lot easier to detect dirt, the device has also been armed with LED headlight which illuminates the places it passes. There is no problem when working with places where there is a poor lighting condition as this happens to be armed with the technology to solve it.

The LED headlight is a convenient addition to the features of this all new product. But it gets even better in terms of convenience as it has on board tool compartment where the tools are kept for easy access by the user. Count in the adjustable height for convenience and you have just got the whole package completed.

Advantages of using Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

  • It excels in vacuuming as it has a powerful suction power that cleans not only dirt but also stubborn pet hairs embedded deep in carpets and other floor surfaces.
  • Convenience is at its peak as it has adjustable height that can be accessed in four positions to fit with the user’s preference.
  • It has built in LED light which makes it easy for the user to see the spaces needing extra clean.
  • It has a durable aluminum wand which enables the user to reach tight spaces as well as the spaces above the floor that needs cleaning.
  • Pets shedding hair is never a problem anymore as it comes to be effective and is designed to collect such stubborn pet hairs.
  • It makes room for more dust particles to be collected.

Disadvantages of using Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

  • There are parts that needed to be assembled which make way for it to be broken when used for long.
  • It is a heavy vacuum cleaner.

In this world where innovations come and go, confusion grows on which products to buy. Kenmore Intuition 31100 Upright Bagged Carpet Vacuum Cleaner is one cleaner that is decent enough to feed each user’s needs. If you are not bothered with heavy vacuum cleaners, then this is perfect for you. Anyway, its weight just says that it has a lot to offer to consumers.

Kenmore Intuition 31100
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