The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill uses batteries that have XRP extended run-time which is responsible for the machine’s ability of providing long battery life as well as run time. Its original all-metal transmission that is 3-speed has the ability of matching whatever tool is needed to be drilled in order to provide an enhanced run time as well as better speed for application. The ½ inch of ratcheting chuck is heavy duty and therefore helps in the prevention of bits from falling out or slipping.
DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill Features:

  • Batteries which have XRP run-time that is extended
  • Original 3-speed all-metal type of transmission
  • 1/2 inch of ratcheting chuck that is heavy-duty
  • LED light
  • 450 unit watts of high efficiency and high power motor

The built-in LED light has the ability of giving you an increased visibility most especially if you are working on a confined space. The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill’s motor has been proven to be of high efficiency and high power and has the ability of delivering up to 450 unit watts out of the maximum power that it can provide therefore giving you an outstanding and exceptional performance in all fastening and drilling applications.

The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill is a perfect pick for people who need a drill to help them through the hard work of different kinds of fastening and drilling applications or even for those who just needs a reliable tool that can help them accomplish a certain task. The drill’s three speed transmission, ergonomic design as well as its being heavy duty are the three factors that have contributed to the easy handling feature of the DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill. The drill’s elite Ni-Cad battery system that is known to have XRP extended run time capabilities will allow you to do your job until it has been completed.

When you purchase the product, the box will include the following: one hour charged that is Ni-Cad, two pieces of XRP Ni-Cad batteries that are both 18 volts, side handle that is 360 degrees and a durable kit box.

The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill is considered as a multipurpose tool which is being sold in the market which features a motor that is high power and original, it has three different speeds that you can choose from according to the type of work that needs to be done, and a transmission that is all-metal which has the capacity of matching the performance of the drill together with the task that needs to be accomplished. Its motor which is of high efficacy can deliver up to 450 unit watts out of it maximum power in order to provide you with an outstanding performance in different variations of fastening as well as drilling applications.

The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill is very easy to control due to the fact that it was designed especially for people who may require a long period of time for its usage. It has a durable body that consists of a mid-handle grip that ensures that the drill is well-balanced. The drill is also composed of an auxiliary handle that is 360 degrees which has the capacity of allowing you to have extra options for handling that are usually needed for drilling of large holes. Another feature of the drill is its half inch ratcheting chuck which has the ability of preventing bits from falling out and slipping. It also features an LED light that will help you in making your job more efficiently and faster most especially if the job will require you to work in a confined or dark place.

The DeWALT DCD940KX Cordless XRP Drill’s known trademark is its most-famed XRP run time batteries which are extended that enable the drill to work in its full capacity. It has the ability of providing up to a maximum of 40 percent of additional run time than the other standard batteries which are being used in other drills. The one hour charger included in the package can help in the reduction of the downtime in order for you to recharge the drill in case that it lose its power so that you can go back to work again in no time.

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